5 Places you shouldnt lose

Enjoy more in Mykonos...

1. Mykonos Town
Mykonos Town is one of the best-preserved historic towns in Greece. It’s the perfect destination to lost wandering about in.
Known as Chora (which means 'main town') by locals, Mykonos Town has a photo opportunity at every corner. Here, whitewashed cube-like homes contrast beautifully with brightly-painted wooden doors to make the simplest yet most stunning contrasts. Expect to see pastel bougainvillaea draped fences set in front of tiny Greek churches, stylish shops, and restaurants and bars lining the town’s labyrinth of powder-white, walled lanes.

2. Cavo Paradiso
Mykonos lives up to its glamorous party rep and has every taste covered, but this open-air venue is a particularly great out of town spot for the early hours.
Whether you want a dive bar, a Greek music club, a cocktail lounge, an all-night dance club, a gay club or a beach club where you can dance on the sand (or on top of tables), the Mykonos summer party scene is packed with options. The dancing and drinking starts in the afternoon and does not end until the sun comes up. Cavo Paradiso will take you till dawn, with heavy hitters like Steve Aoki and Armin van Buuren on the decks.

3. Delos island
Fancy an excursion? One of Greece’s most fascinating archaeological sites can be found on the nearby island of Delos.
On this tiny, sacred island – which is the mythical birthplace of the Greek god Apollo – you’ll find yourself among ancient ruins, including remnants of temples, theatres and villas. Although Delos is unpopulated now, the ruins prove it was considered a grand city of the Cyclades. Pop into the small museum here that houses mosaics and artefacts found on this Unesco World Heritage Site.

4. Kalafatis
When Greece’s Meltemi summer winds blow – and they blow hard - the beaches on Mykonos are the perfect windy escape for windsurfing enthusiasts. Kalafatis is one of the best.
Mykonos is blessed with idyllic beaches of turquoise waters that meet fine powder sand. Many of them are also idyllic for windsurfers. Head to Kalafatis, Platis Gialos or Ftelia to see how these annual summer winds become a challenging but fun natural force for surfers.

5. Ano Mera Village
The little inland town of Ano Mera is worth exploring for an authentic look at quiet island life. It shows a quiet side to this party island.
A highlight of a visit to Ano Mera is the sixteenth-century Panagia Tourliani Monastery which stands in the central square. Visit this sacred spot to admire embroideries and wood carvings. If you’re lucky enough to visit on August 1,5 you are in for the biggest action this town gets: the church festival where hundreds attend for traditional dancing and food.